ThReE CaR GaRagE:  |  3CG is a 90s alt-rock band originally from Lubbock, Texas. They released three albums called, This Is How You Felt and Gone Since Five. Travis Jaquess, Doug Wilkinson, and Rich Williams comprise the rock outfit.  |  Twitter  |  Soundcloud  |  Facebook  |  Apple Music  |  Spotify  |  YouTube  | Jimmy Blue EP:ZIP File  |  MP3s  |  Album Stream  |  "Somebody" Video (Quarantine Edition)  |  "Jimmy Blue" Official Lyric Video  |  "Fame and Fortune" Official Lyric Video  |  "Somebody" Official Lyric Video  |  Merchandise: 3CG Mister Teapot Tee  |  Mister Teapot by 3CG PopSockets  |  Mister Teapot EP Digital  |  3CG Photo + Pixel Lips Dallas Tee  |  Jimmy Blue is a boy in an American town with a mall he strolls around returning lost items and visiting puppies in the pet store. His single mom has raised him since his dad died in 2002. Jimmy has an older brother, Johnny, who has lots of potential, but leaves home for war and never returns. Jimmy finds comfort in little things like the puppies, a woodshop, and the cemetery where his brother is buried. The album cover features the poorly-built frame Jimmy proudly built for Johnny's folded flag.  |  MP3s:Jimmy Blue (feat. Cello From The Other Side  |  Fame and Fortune (feat. Texas Long Horns)  |  Somebody (feat. For All Have Synth)  |  |  Apple  |  YouTube  |  YouTube